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You will find the directions below and individual cases under Modules . Please c

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You will find the directions below and individual cases under Modules . Please choose one case for your paper.
Please remember this is your “Term Paper” so put everything into it!
Please upload the paper in Assignments tab as a Word doc/docx Attachment. I will not accept late papers.
Thanks for understanding that we only have a few weeks to complete this course successfully.
Case Analysis Assignment
This assignment should be considered a “Term Paper” for the course (worth 50% of your final grade). You will be expected to use what you have learned from all the chapter readings, and apply that information to the case material. Choose theoretical and research data from the text and relate those concepts/constructs/research to your case. You don’t necessarily have to solve the student’s problems mentioned in the case material, but you should be able to use the research to help us understand the developmental issues impacting the student’s behavior.
The paper should be at least 5 typed pages, double spaced, with APA formatting for references. Use your textbook as the main reference, and select researchers and theorists from the text to cite in the body of the paper. Outside source materials can and should be used to support your discussion.
There are a number of case scenarios to choose from (see my detailed list/case description in Modules under Case Analysis):
1. Pick a case scenario from the list of student cases.
2. Make as many assumptions as you can, such as, what’s going on cognitively, socially, and behaviorally in this subject’s life. Just state the assumption and then discuss the impact of that assumption in that subject’s life.
3. You are making these assumptions so you can apply theory and research to enrich the case analysis.
4. Use at least 2 major perspectives/themes from Chap 1, such as “stability “and “normative approach”.
5. Use at least 2 contemporary approaches to development from Chap 2.
6. Use either Piaget’s theory from Chap 6 or Gardner’s ideas in Chap 10 to discuss the cognitive aspects of the case (or both theorists if you chose to).
7. Use Chap 7 to discuss the self concept issues in the case.
8. Use material from either Chap 11, 12 or 13 to discuss the emotional and familial aspects of the case.
9. And use Chaps 14 and 15 to add the peer relationship issues and possible gender identity issues found in the case.
Course Text
Bjorklund, D. F., & Blasi, H. C. (2011). Child and Adolescent Development: An Integrated Approach (1st ed.). Cengage Learning.
Please ADD at least 2 other sources in addition to course text
Not all cases require all chapters. You will be expected to demonstrate mastery of the major ideas in development as you analyze the case in greater detail.
APA formatting for in-text and reference section citations required.
Richard is not an especially troublesome 7th Grade student, but he just would not do any work in class. Every day it was the same pattern. When his teacher would give the work assignments, Richard would sit with his head down and look at the floor. His teacher knew that academically he was behind where he ought to be. She also realized that letting this continue would be a disaster when it came time for the state competency tests. However, she simply did not know what to do to get Richard to do his work.
One day, when the teacher assigned the work, she walked around the classroom until she was next to Richard. She could see that he had not started the assignment. She commented to him that he needed to get to work. She helped a few others get started, and then made it back to Richard again. Still no progress. Out of frustration, she said to him, “Richard, what are you going to do when you get done with school and you have to get a job?”
Richard looked up and said, “I’m going to paint fences.”
The teacher said, “Paint fences? Why do you want to paint fences?”
“Well,” said Richard, “when you paint fences, all you need is a can of paint and a paint brush. Then you just go up and down, up and down. You don’t need to know how to read, spell, or do math!”

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