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You have to write Rhetorical Analysis Essay I will upload the article and exampl

by | Jun 23, 2021 | English | 0 comments


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You have to write Rhetorical Analysis Essay I will upload the article and example of how to write the introduction. I have write a little bit for introduction this is my introduction.
In the article, “The Opioid Plague’s the Youngest Victims: Children in Foster Care,” by Sherrie Lachman, the author effectively conveys the argument that opioids are a major factor in the increase of children coming into the foster system. Lachman does this by effectively 1- using overtly emotional language, 2- utilizing statistics/facts, 3- leading the audience to a logical conclusion, 4- and this article is well organized. These are my 4 claims.
Critically analyze a written argument using the strategies discussed in class.
Rhetorical analysis demands that you read carefully, thoughtfully, and repeatedly to identify the elements of a text that are effective and fair as well as those that are not. You need to examine not only the “what” of a text, but more importantly, the “how.” Remember, this is not a response to the argument, it is an analysis. Whether you agree or disagree with the writer’s position is immaterial. Your objective is to describe how effectively the writer argued for that position.
▪ Carefully read and summarize your chosen article. (See previous assignment.)
▪ Annotate the article, highlighting the uses of rhetorical elements (pathos, ethos, logos.) Evaluate and take note of how well the author represents and responds to the opposition.
▪ Identify any patterns you see in your notes and annotations. For example, does the writer rely upon one type of strategy more consistently than others? Is he or she particularly skilled at pathos? Does he or she ignore the opposition? Overlook a key idea or segment of the audience?
▪ Decide if the argument is mostly effective or mostly ineffective – it can be a little of both, but usually you’ll find that it’s mostly one or the other. You will need to pick a side for your paper.
▪ Develop 4 overarching “claims” about the writer’s argument that you can clearly support with evidence from the text. These will become the “main points” of your essay. Use these to write a clear thesis.
▪ Develop an outline of your paper which organizes your notes into sections that “match” the main points in your thesis.
▪ Draft an organized, coherent paper that supports your thesis. Remember, you are writing about the argument, not responding to it.
▪ Correct formatting (12pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins, MLA heading, page numbers, first-line indentations.)
▪ Clear, focused thesis
▪ Organization that “matches” your thesis
▪ Cohesive, developed paragraphs (topic sentence, sufficientevidence, explanation)
▪ Specific supporting details and smoothly integrated quotations
▪ Use of formal academic writing
▪ Note: you will lose points for including responses to the argument or outside informations

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