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You have been hired as a Community Health Manager by a community health manageme

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You have been hired as a Community
Health Manager by a
community health management board which asked to assess the community’s need
for health requirements and develop a community health management plan. Your
first job is to understand community health; community health issues and
activities; regulatory agencies involved in community health; socioeconomic
status and racial and ethnic disparities; health promotion programs; maternal,
infant and child health issues; misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other
drugs; and scope of injuries in US health and economy.
Follow the textbook chapters 1-7 and discuss the following
related to your new position. This document should be 15-20 pages long, double spaced in APA format excluding the cover and
reference pages.
Textbook Information:
McKanzie J. F. and Pinger R. R. ( 2014). An Introduction to Community Health, Brief Edition. Jones and Bartlett.
1. What are Community
and Public health and how do they
differ from each other? Describe factors that affect community health.
2. Describe the National and International Health
3. What is epidemiology and why community health
managers should understand epidemiology.
4. List the Communicable and Noncommunicable
diseases and their preventions
5. Healthcare communities and their organizational
6. Why is the need for “school health”? What is
“coordinated school health program”? And, what are “foundations of school
health program” and “Issues facing school health program”?
7. What issues need attention of community health
manager for maternal, infant and child health?

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