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You have been asked to identify why the patients that are undergoing surgery are

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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You have been asked to identify why the patients that are undergoing surgery are complaining that the pain after the surgical procedure has not been managed adequately. The patients need of narcotics around the clock until the pain subsides. The lack of staff in the surgical floor is a problem the institution is dealing with for the last year and still have not been corrected. The patient’s satisfaction is compromised, and the nurse patient ratio is highStep 1: identify the Problem – Cultivate a spirit of inquiry Explain in your own words what is the problem? What are the data and sources that validate the problem? Safety Quality indicators Practice observations Patient satisfaction Other Why the problem is relevant? What is the current practice? Create the clinical question utilizing the PICOT format – Ask clinical questions utilizing the PICOT format P = Patient Population I = Intervention or issue C = Comparison Intervention or Status O = Outcome T = Time frame to accomplish the O earching for the best evidence
The student will look at the different database to search for the strongest evidence that will be used to answer the clinical question. Critically Appraise the Evidence – Summarize the Evidence The student will evaluate the evidence and will choose the ones that will help to answer the clinical question. Will create a summary of the best information found and synthesize the findings. Integrate the evidence with clinical expertise Develop best evidence recommendations Create an action plan Implement action plan Reports results to stakeholders
Create a report to the stakeholders Disseminate Findings Hospital Administration Meeting
Remember that your work must be original and must not contain material copied from books or the internet. You must respect the intellectual property of the authors and not commit plagiarism. Examine the criteria used to evaluate your assignment to find out how to get the highest grade for your work. The assignments are graded or evaluated through rubrics or by the distribution of points. Before submitting your entry, read your message several times. This will ensure that it contains the exact information you want to communicate.

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