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You are the parent of two children, an 8 year old boy and a 14 year old girl, li

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You are the parent of two children, an 8 year old boy and a 14 year old girl, living in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Humacao was devastated by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 and nearly one year later it was still struggling to recover. You and your children were in your home, which you own, during Maria and lived for months afterwards with no electricity, running water, and had substantial shortages of drinking water and gasoline for your car. The new hurricane season is starting and you want to determine the proper actions to take to manage the risk associated with the upcoming hurricane season.
The links below provide reading material to get you started in understanding Hurricane Maria, its aftermath and FEMA’s recommendations for hurricane preparation. You are encouraged to use other credible sources in researching your discussion post and replies. “How to prepare for a hurricane” (FEMA)
“Hurricane Maria: Facts, FAQ and How to Help” (WorldVision)
“I’m a librarian in Puerto Rico and this is my Hurricane Maria survival story” (The Conversation)
“We are not OK: A first hand account of Hurricane Maria” (EcoWatch)
Discuss the following in your initial post and replies. In your head try to picture what it would be like to have 180+MPH winds and intense rain battering your house, car, community, island, etc. for many hours. What are the things that would likely happen? What would be the impact of these events? What can you do to protect yourself from these things happening? How would you determine if this particular hurricane jeopardizes what you have at risk? Related to risks and events:
Identify and describe at least two SPECIFIC risk events related to this scenario. Note: The hurricane is the general risk event but it comes with several sub-events that are really what you are concerned about such as high winds, intense rains, etc. These will be related to the size of the hurricane as rated by the weather services who track hurricanes.
Identify at least two GENERAL risks that you want to mitigate. Note: These are related to the big picture outcomes that you want to ensure happen. What do you want to ensure remains intact should the risk events happen? For a business these would be the “strategic and operational directives” stated in Section 4.1 of the Risk Management Standard.
Identify at least two SPECIFIC risks related to each described risk event from this scenario that you want to mitigate. Note: These are the smaller things at risk that could combine to form the general risk. For example, if the high wind event happens what would be at risk and result? Explain why you selected these risks to evaluate instead of others. Why are they more important to you in light of your desired outcomes?
Related to uncertainty:
Identify two uncertainties related to each event/risk stated above. What don’t you know that you would need to know to properly evaluate the likelihood and size of a risk event occurring?
Specify at least two pieces of SPECIFIC information for each event/risk that is needed to determine the level of risk. Where would you expect to find this information in a way that your feel can be trusted. Explain why you selected these uncertainties to evaluate instead of others.
Critical Analysis: Explain in a paragraph how you would use your designated risks and uncertainties to determine the best way for you to manage the risk situation related to the upcoming hurricane season to achieve your desired outcomes. Just saying “I would leave the island” is not enough. Explain your rationale leading up to the choices and actions you would take.

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