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You are a member of the training division at your law enforcement agency. The se

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments


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You are a member of the training division at your law enforcement agency. The sergeant of the unit has asked that you create an informative voice-over PowerPoint® presentation that explains the normative and applied prevailing criminal justice models of ethical reasoning. This PowerPoint presentation will be played at all roll calls and shift briefing trainings for your department. The instruction set delivered to you indicates that (at a minimum) the PowerPoint should address the history, tenets, and applications of each of the theories. The presentation will assume the normative judgment model, which emphasizes the three moral judgment imperatives (the human act, free will, effect upon others). This presentation requires an embedded audio recording that serves to explain the slides presented. A suggested outline for the slideshow is listed below.
Title slide (required)
The Ethics of Virtue (title slide)
History of the Ethics of Virtue
Tenets of the Ethics of Virtue
Provide a criminal-justice-based, “real-world” example of the ethics of virtue.
Ethical Formalism (Deontological Ethics) (title slide)
History of Ethical Formalism
Model of Ethical Formalism
Provide a criminal-justice-based, “real-world” application of deontological ethics.
Consequentialism (Teleological Ethics) (title slide)
History of Consequentialism
Model of Consequentialism
Provide a criminal-justice-based, “real-world” example of utilitarianism.
Ethics of Care (Restorative Justice) (title slide)
History of the Ethics of Care
Tenets of the Ethics of Care
Provide a criminal-justice-based, “real-world” example of the ethics of care.
What is “noble cause corruption,” and where does it fit within the ethical models?
Reference slide (required)
PowerPoint Format:
Use the slide notes section in the presentation to include information that follows your narration, being sure to follow the conventions of Standard English.
Slide content should include brief points that identify the areas that will be addressed in the narration.
In-text citations should be included with any brief points that were researched from outside sources, and the narration should fully explain the points.
Reference all sources on a separate reference slide at the end of the presentation and cite each source in the body of the presentation using APA format.
Identify the sources of any pictures you use, being sure to cite them correctly in APA style using in-text citations.
Narration Guidelines:
Maintain a professional tone by summarizing observations and evaluations for each slide.
Ensure that your presentation is highly ordered, logical, and unified.
Words should be clearly enunciated and professional tone should be sustained throughout the presentation narration.
Audio recording should be free of background noise and interruptions.
This assessment should be a Microsoft Word (minimum 350 words) document, in addition to the title and reference pages.
Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your submission should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
Your submission should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
Your writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful.
Your submission must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.
A separate page at the end of your submission should contain a list of references in APA format. Use your textbook, the Library, and the internet for research.
Be sure to include references for all sources and to cite them using in-text citations where appropriate. Your sources and content should follow current APA citation style. Review the writing resources for APA formatting and citation found in Academic Tools. Additional writing resources can be found within the Academic Success Center.
Your submission should:
include a title page;
be double-spaced;
be typed in Times New Roman, 12 -point font; and
be free of spelling or punctuation errors.

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