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Write an argumentative essay that discusses your stance on the essential question: does technology improve or control our lives?

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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Essential Question: Does technology improve or control our lives?
write an argumentative essay that discusses your stance on the Essential Question: does technology improve or control our lives?
Be sure to:
· identify and maintain a controlling idea (aka your thesis);
· develop clear and coherent ideas logically;
· use examples from multiple print and online sources and cite or link to the sources as needed; and
· avoid relying too much on one source.
Review the Mentor Text
For an example of a well-written informative essay you can use as a mentor text and as a source of ideas for your essay, review the text, “Not Everything It Seems.”
Review your notes and annotations about this text. Think about the techniques the author used to present information and ideas.
Consider Your Sources
Review the texts in the unit and choose at least three you may want to use to get ideas for your informative essay.
As you review potential sources, consult the notes you made and make additional notes about ideas that might be
useful as you write your essay. Include titles and paragraph numbers to help
you provide accurate text evidence and citations.
· The Brave Little Toaster
· Are Bionic Superhumans on the Horizon?
· Interflora
· The Automation Paradox
· Heads Up, Humans
This final essay centers on NYSP12 ELA CCLS W.8.1, W.8.1a, W.8.1b, and W.8.1e. Students draft a position paper to answer the question and their paper should contain a claim, three reasons for
making that claim, and evidence supporting each of the reasons (3 quotes per body paragraph). It should also include a counterclaim and a response to that counterclaim. Be sure to discuss the novel, articles you have to your advantage, and ones that we discussed in class in groups. End your essay with a strong concluding paragraph. Your essay should be written in a formal style for a professional audience that is familiar with the text and follow the conventions of standard English and the MLA format. The State Exam 4-point rubric that you have used all year will be used. A cover page and works cited page are required.
Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, 26 October 2022
Final Draft Due: Thursday, 27 October 2022
Paragraph 1: Intro with a hook, filler, and clear thesis statement (3-Point What-Why Strategy)
Paragraph 2: Discussion of your first point with 3 quotes/QW format
Paragraph 3: Discussion of your second point with 3 quotes/QW format
Paragraph 4: Discussion of your third point 3 quotes/QW format
Paragraph 5: Discussion of your counterclaim with 3 quotes/QW format
Paragraph 6: Conclusion with a strong recapping of significant evidence and impacts on readers
Reminder: QuickWrite Format for Body Paragraphs:
Sentence 1: Thesis-based focus statement
Sentence 2: Evidence/Quote #1
Sentence 3: Explanation of evidence #1
Sentence 4: Evidence/Quote #2
Sentence 5: Explanation of evidence #2
Sentence 6: Evidence/Quote #3
Sentence 7: Explanation of evidence #3
Sentence 8: Thought-provoking concluding sentence to tie ideas together from this paragraph

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