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Write a full-length essay on any ONE of these questions. A full-length essay is

by | Jun 23, 2021 | History | 0 comments


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Write a full-length essay on any ONE of these questions. A full-length essay is NOT an outline; it is a detailed discussion (consisting of several paragraphs), showing evidence of adequate knowledge of the content materials. Grade will be based on evidence of your knowledge of the information as well as the quality of your analyses.
1. a. Comparing African independence struggles/movements in Ghana (British colony), Guinea (French colony) and Congo (Belgian colony), what similarities and differences do you find, and why?
b. While decolonization in most African countries occurred through peaceful negotiations, in the so-called “white settler colonies,” Africans had to fight long bloody guerrilla wars to regain their freedom. Explain the causes and the course of the Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya, the Algerian War of Independence, the Zimbabwe War of Liberation, and the Wars of Independence in the Portuguese colonies of Angola,Mozambique, and Guinea Bissau.
2. Africans were filled with pride and optimism as their countries regained their independence from European colonizers in the early 1960s. But those hopes were dashed shortly, thereafter. Drawing from our textbook, Identify and Discuss in detail at least, FIVE major challenges African nations had to deal with since the end of colonial rule in the continent, and explain how some of the countries addressed the challenges.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please, Read Carefully!
1. Since this is a take-home and open book exam, I will insist on and enforce HIGHER STANDARDS. By that I mean, higher quality essay (both content and mechanics). Merely regurgitating the textbook will not do you much good. Engage the materials and produce quality essay. Writing any of those questions will require you to demonstrate strong evidence that you READ the appropriate chapter(s) and/or recommended materials very well. Cite relevant pages in your essay.
2. I am looking for QUALITY essay, not copy-and-paste. Avoid copy-and-paste like a plague … it will earn you an F grade. Do not re-type the textbook for me.
3. Your essay should be minimum of 3 pages in length, no maximum; double-spaced, 12- points font. Be sure your essay is substantial enough to adequately address the question you chose.
4. Do NOT plagiarize … you know, passing someone else’s work as yours. It’s cheating, and results in a failing grade. If you go to the internet and lift stuff, I will find out. And I will graciously award you an F.
5. Cite all your sources appropriately
6. Write with correct English grammar; check your spellings.
7. Once again, grades are based on the quality of your essay, reflecting evidence that you read the book well.

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