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Write a descriptive essay including the following: Briefly describe the three pa

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments


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Write a descriptive
essay including the following:
Briefly describe the three
parts of an interview.
Discuss the differences
between an interview and an interrogation.
the proper Miranda admonishment
method investigators should use for a witness or possible suspect. Include a
discussion of the problems investigators encounter with improper admonishment and ignoring a suspect’s invoking his or her rights.
As your textbook points out, there are three parts to the interview process: preparing for the interview, the interview itself, and writing the report. To prepare for an interview, the interviewer wants to obtain as much background information as possible about the crime and the alleged perpetrator. Questionnaires can provide structure. They can also guide the interviewer and help him or her remember all questions that need to be addressed. The interviewer should try to establish some rapport with the offender or witness to a crime.
Once the interview is underway, the offender may invoke his or her right to have counsel present. If this request is made, the professional conducting the interview must honor this request. Even if the offender was Mirandized at the time of his or her arrest, it is sound practice to admonish the offender once again. It is also a sound practice to obtain a waiver at this juncture.
As a general rule, there is no need to write the questions asked or quote what the suspect said in an interview. But there are three exceptions: First, the interviewer should always quote the suspect acknowledging his or her rights and subsequent waiving of those rights. Second, when a suspect confesses, what he or she said must be documented verbatim. Finally, when a victim of a crime reports what a suspect said during the commission of a crime, it is important to document this verbatim.

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