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Write a brief and concise executive memo (3 pages max, 12 point font, single-spa

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Write a brief and concise executive memo (3 pages max, 12 point font, single-space):
Pick a job title for a role you aspire to this year, reimagine and outline the description of the role in 2025. Concisely explain what tasks are new (Suggesting 2/3 page)
Then envision and go deep on what specific tasks you and the machine should each control and how the collaboration works. Make a table that shows key old and new tasks and how the percentages might change between 2022 and 2025. Explain how the new task composition lifts joint productivity to the next level and how the new design will incorporate ethics and human-centricity? (Suggesting 1 + 1/3 page).
Make recommendations as to (a) what training you would need to get there, and (b) what investments should be made by the employer between now and then to prepare the AI And you for the future symbiosis. (Suggesting 1 page)
You should attach an additional page with sources and you may attach additional exhibits with graphics.
1. Job Title – AI Solution Architect
The future of AI Solution Architect that they will have to become very polyglot, able to quickly respond to production incidents.
– Current Perspective
– Symbiosis based view
– Assessment on human capability
– Recommendation on Training
At the industry level – prioritizing workforce training programme in specific area that are in a high risk of malfunctioning or AI were seen as threat, as well as area that needs AI to enhacne human performance not replacing.
At the company level – promoting working with AI to improve productivity, not replacing
At the personal level – continue to find and identify the area that inidividual can benefit from AI, continue to improve AI function and learning to better support human capital.

What is the Future of the Solution Architect Role?

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