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Write a 3-5 pages argument essay, double-spaced, MLA formatted with a thesis dra

by | Nov 25, 2021 | English Literature | 0 comments


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Write a 3-5 pages argument essay, double-spaced, MLA formatted with a thesis drawn from a topic presented in the readings/videos from the course schedule. You may also select a topic and thesis from any of the essays found in the Race Against the Machine, Gender, and Is College an Option chapters in your They Say/I Say textbook. You should use the techniques described in chapters 1-8 of your textbook.
The argument must use support from at least 3 sources. These can be a combination taken from the They Say/I Say textbook and/or course readings and from the Palm Beach State College online library, for a minimum of 3 sources total. All assignments should use MLA style, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
You must use college-level essay form (i.e., introduction/conclusion, transitions, multiple supporting paragraphs, etc.)
You must explain your ideas/interpretation in detail to make a clear and complete argument.
You must use the appropriate point-of-view for this assignment; your essay should be written in the 3rd person present tense. You should not use the 2nd person (you/your) in this or any other papers for this course, but the 1st (I, me) person may be appropriate for this assignment when used to reference personal experience.
Your introduction should provide sufficient context by making clear what discussion you’re entering and why.
Your thesis must have a clear, specific angle that answers the question you’re writing about; every aspect of your paper should serve to support this thesis
Please use as your sources.
Introduce the author(s) and essay(s) you’re responding to; always introduce the full title of the essay (in quotes with title capitalization) and the full name of
the author the first time you reference it and then use just the author’s last name in subsequent references.
Use at least three (3) sources.
Provide MLA in-text citations for all quotes, summaries, and paraphrases.
Include a works cited page in MLA format (last page of your document, not a separate file).
You must use the “sandwich”, or ICE (introduce,cite,explain) method described in chapter 3 to incorporate quotes properly. Dangling quotes are not acceptable in this or any other papers for this course.
You must include a title.
You must use MLA paper format and style for this and all writing assignments in this class. Information on MLA format is available in The Little Seagull Handbook, the OWL at Purdue website.
Please read guidelines carefully
Papers not submitted as a Word or PDF document will not be graded.
Please name your file as follows: WA3_yourlastname. For example, if Jennifer Lawrence were taking this course, she would name her paper WA3_Lawrence.

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