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Why are all three of these

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 Choose two of the four topics as listed below: Decontamination Principles, Sterilization Methods, Preparation of Medical Equipment and Supplies, and Inventory Control and Distribution Systems. Once the two case studies are chosen, answer the questions using your own words and address the conflict or issue with a solution specific to the topics chosen. You can utilize your text or other credible sources to build a thorough paper that contains at least six main ideas with supporting details regarding the topic chosen and a minimum of three credible references. The paper must be written in APA or MLA format with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Please refer to rubric regarding specific grading criteria.  
1. Decontamination Principles: Dr. Frankie is a prestigious neurosurgeon
at Glory Medical Center. During the last week, the surgical technician
in the operating room has noticed that dirty instruments have made it
into the OR. The technician finally decides to consult with the supervisor
because the incident has now occurred three days in a row. What issue
has occurred, and what may be the cause of this/these errors? What
might the sterile processing department have to do to resolve this issue?
Explain the decontamination process. What extra efforts can be made to
ensure that clean instruments are delivered to the surgical suite?
2. Sterilization Methods: Kristine, a technician in the sterile processing
department, has noticed that after sterilization at least two out of
every four loads sterilized for the day are moist. She has consulted with
her supervisor on effective ways in which she could troubleshoot the
concerns with wet loads, because it has now affected the department’s
work efficiency and quality control. Why might the loads be wet? What
solutions can Kristine apply to ensure that the processed instrument sets
aren’t moist? Define a wet load. Discuss how this issue can affect both
the operating room and the sterile processing department. How should
Kristine handle the wet packages to ensure quality control?
3. Preparation of Medical Equipment and Supplies: Over the last
month, the operating room has received rigid containers without
filters, assembled instruments in sterilized sets, and closed versus
open packaged and processed instruments. Why are all three of these
occurrences an issue? Discuss the instrument preparation process.
What can the sterile processing technician do to ensure that all items
are prepared and packaged correctly? What might the operating room
staff have to do if items are received closed, assembled, or without the
appropriate filters, chemical indicators, etc.? How can it affect the patient
if those items are used?
4. Inventory Control and Distribution: The sterile processing department
at Hershey-Chocolate Medical Center has an excessive amount of
inventory. Discuss what issues or concerns may occur due to this
excessive inventory. What inventory system may work well for their
department? Discuss at least four types of inventory systems and how
each could initiate a more controlled environment of inventory for the
facility. How can distribution be affected by excessive inventory? 

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