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DUE DATE: See course outline
This term paper should be a culmination of all you have learned in this course. You will be required to develop arguments by integrating course concepts from the readings and lectures. Your paper must:
(1) Be between 2,500 and 3,000 words
(2) Use 12-point Times New Roman font (double-spaced)
(3) 1 inch margin all around with page number listed as in this document
(4) Include citations and bibliography of referenced materials
You will submit document to me as per course outline (Late papers will be subjected to 20% deduction for every day, or part thereof, late, but subjected to a maximum of 48 hrs late, after that the term paper score will be deemed 0).
(1) Choose one of the following topics:
a) Climate change
b) Gender/racial inequality
c) Income inequality
d) Indigenous issues in Canada
e) Working conditions/labour issues
f) Animal Rights
g) Pollution
h) Intellectual property/patents
(2) Address the following questions:
Part one:
a) What is this issue and why is it important?
b) Why and how is business an important player in this issue?
c) Who are the key stakeholders? Explain
Part two:
d) What are the broader debates/tensions underpinning this issue (CSR, shareholder/stakeholder, short-term/long-term, corporate power)? Why? Explain your answer in the most convincing way possible.
e) How has business sought to address this issue?
f) What has been the role of other stakeholders (e.g. government, NGOs)?
Part three:
g) Make an argument for how this issue should be addressed in the future. What role should business play? What role should other stakeholders (e.g. government, consumers, investors, NGOs) play?
h) What are the potential obstacles or constraints to implementing your suggestion? Explain. How might these obstacles be overcome?
Resources to help
English language resources:
Writing resources:

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