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What type of client inclusion/exclusion criteria would you use?

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Social Work | 0 comments


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Introduction of the Client Population
What is the name and the demographic characteristics of the specific individual? What is the race, ethnicity, and history of oppression of this person? What is developmental stage of specific person? Is there anything specific to this person that needs to be considered when planning a treatment approach? What social justice issues and issues of diversity are relevant when using this approach with the selected client population? What is the problem area (describe clearly) for this project and what is its prevalence among the general and targeted population (data)?
Overview of Theoretical Area
What are the key concepts of the selected theoretical approach to addressing the problem? How are assessment, and evaluation approached? What intervention(s) is/are applicable to the selected theoretical approach? How is effectiveness evaluated?
Evidence from the Field
What literature supports using this theoretical approach? Does this approach have empirical evidence indicating effectiveness? What support is published? What type of client inclusion/exclusion criteria would you use?
What resources do social workers use when planning treatment from this theoretical orientation? What client handouts and other informational materials are provided to clients? (toolkit)
Toolkit: As professional social workers, you will encounter a range of clients across in a variety of clinical settings. The resource toolkit should include an outline overview of the approach, examples of a specific “techniques,” examples of notes, examples of handouts, and any other materials social workers may need (or find helpful) to work with similar clients.

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