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What learning outcomes did you gain mastery over this semester?

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Education | 0 comments


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Reflective Essay:
For this final essay, you are to reflect on your experiences in this course. Using your reflective memos and summary of comments, you should reflect on your writing process for the previous essays.
Consider the following questions:
What learning outcomes did you gain mastery over this semester?
What were your writing processes for each essay?
How has your writing process grown and changed over the semester?
What challenges did you face?
How did you overcome these challenges?
What writing concepts did you learn about?
How did you put these into practice when writing?
What did you learn that will help you write papers in other classes or in the workplace?
You should compose an essay that argues for the ways have you mastered the course learning outcomes by pointing to specific places in the portfolio. As evidence, you will cite specific sections of your essays (citing page numbers) included in the Final Portfolio. The outcomes are listed below:
In English 101, students will
Develop an understanding of basic rhetorical concepts;
Develop flexible writing strategies, i.e., drafting, collaborating, revising, rewriting, rereading, and editing;
Compose texts in a variety of genres — such as narrative, profile, synthesis, summary, and analysis—to compose texts that integrate the writer’s ideas with those from appropriate sources;
Develop critical reading, analysis, and thinking strategies;
Use conventions of academic writing, including format, patterns of organization, source documentation, and diction;
Learn about the variety and richness of English vernaculars and clear expression in writing and use of “grammar of clarity,” punctuation, mechanics, and sentence variety appropriate to academic writing.
For example, if you feel that you have mastered outcomes 1 and 3, then point to the place in the portfolio that demonstrates this, providing page numbers and, if applicable, quotes.
In your reflective essay you should also reference the changes you made in your revised essays. You should cite the page numbers and make sure to highlight the changes you have made.
For the Portfolio, the items listed below should be submitted to Blackboard as a single MS Word document in this order (we will cover how to do this in class). The Portfolio will be one long document with all of the content list that is listed below.
Portfolio Contents List:
Reflective Introduction
Essay 1– draft
Essay 1 – revised
Essay 2 or 3 – draft
Essay 2 or 3 – revised
MLA Style formatting
Cite the portfolio (page numbers) where applicable
2-3 pgs.
HIGHLIGHT revisions in your revised essay
Genre: Reflection
Audience: Yourself and your Instructor
Keep in mind, by revising your previous essays you have the chance to boost your previous essay grades. Revising your essays does not guarantee a better grade.
You cannot revise an essay that was not turned in. Essays with a 0, from not turning one in, are not eligible for revision.

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