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What is the thought experiment and what conclusion(s) does hare draw?

by | Nov 5, 2022 | Ethics | 0 comments


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Its 7 Questions to answer will pay tip if done by 730am 11/4/2022
1.At the end of Mackie’s essay “The Subjectivity of Values” we find an argument regarding two of the basic strategies that are taken by philosophers to avoid the consequence of subjectivism. What are those two strategies and why do they fail, according to Mackie?
2.Please summarize the central moral position(s) of Frederich Nietzsche. What does Nietzsche think of morality and what arguments does he offer in support of his view(s)?
3.Please explain the idea of the ‘veil of ignorance’ in the work of John Rawls. What is the veil of ignorance exactly and how does he relate this idea to the 2 principles of justice?
4.What is the cultural differences argument? What criticism of the argument does James Rachel offer?
5.Please summarize the argument in favor of abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson. Are abortions always morally permissible? Yes or no? Why or why not?
6.What is moral subjectvism according to JL Mackie? In addition, what is the distinction between first and second order ethical views, and why is this significant for Mackie’s position of subjectivism?
7.R. M. Hare offers a thought experiment regarding slavery on an imaginary island in his essay “What is Wrong with Slavery?”. What is the thought experiment and what conclusion(s) does Hare draw?

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