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What is the potential Pacific Northwest Tsunami?

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Geography | 0 comments


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Instructions: Do not copy and paste from online sources, this is considered plagiarism. Be sure to use 3-5 sources in this research paper. Use proper MLA or APA when citing your sources. Do not use Wikipedia! You may use government based websites like the USGS, NOAA, BLM, USDA, and other credible sources. You may use sources that end in .edu or .gov
You may also use books from the library or online.
This is you Final Exam Research Report worth 20% of your total grade. You may choose any of the topics listed below and write a 2-4 page, double spaced paper. It must be in Times New Roman 12 pt. text.
Topics to Choose From (Choose one only)
1. What is Tornado Ally? Where is it? Why does it exist? How often do tornados occur? Has tornado occurrence changed over time in this region? What are the consequences to living there? How is the Dust Bowl related to Tornado Ally? What happened?
2. What is the potential Pacific Northwest Tsunami? Why is there a tsunami danger there? What are the plates involved? When is it expected to happen? What are the consequences of a potential tsunami along the Pacific Northwest? What are some mitigation strategies if a tsunami should occur?
3. Why does so much copper exist in Arizona? How does copper form? Where has it formed? What are the natural conditions and why is it in Arizona?
4. Describe the biogeographic changes that occur in Arizona. Be sure to discuss the plants in the lower Sonoran Desert (Phoenix) and the plants in the higher alpine forest (e.g. Flagstaff). What is influencing this change in vegetation in northern AZ vs. southern AZ? Why does climate differ? Explain the climate zones as well as the biota of these zones.

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