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What factors contribute to the effective growth of well-Integrated communities o

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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What factors contribute to the effective growth of well-Integrated communities of Haitian and non-Haitian Americans?
You will write a research paper of 800-1200 words. You MUST use the BC University Libraries to find high-quality academic resources. Your paper is designed to answer a research question that you generate, but that has something to do with the practice you have chosen. Your research question proposal is due by the end of Week 6. You must have your proposal approved by the instructor. I will NOT grade any paper for which I have not approved a research proposal. For instance:
1. Your paper of 800-1200 words (roughly 3-4 pages) should be written in APA format.
2.The library and the Connors Family Learning Center have great resources for the various writing/citation styles, including APA. There are also lots of great resources on the web.
3.My favorite is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
(Links to an external site.)
4.You will want to be most attentive to the formats for in-text citations and for your bibliography.
5.If you really want to use a different style (MLA or Turabian would be most likely) because it is what you know best and what you use in your major, please let me know ahead of time and be sure that you use it correctly and consistently.
6.You must use and cite at least three academic sources, which you will find using the BC University libraries.
7.You must cite your sources in the text (parenthetically) when you paraphrase them, when you summarize them, and when you quote them directly. Citation is not ONLY for direct quotations. Most of your citations, in fact, should be for material that you are summarizing or paraphrasing.
8.Your bibliography should be. Be alphabetized by the author’s last name, b. Be double-spaced, c. With a hanging indent for each entry, d. Include every source that you cite in the text, and e. Do not include any sources that you do not cite in the text.
9.Begin the paper with a short section that you label “Introduction.” This section will probably only be one paragraph. It should not be more than two paragraphs. In the introduction, you will explain to the reader what prompted your research question and what that question is. Then, your introduction will include your thesis. Your thesis is, in a sentence or two, your answer to the research question. The introduction is not the place to PROVE your thesis. Save that for the body of the paper. Instead, just state the thesis.
10.Label the next section “Findings.” This section will make up the bulk of your paper. It is where you will explain and support your thesis using evidence that you have gathered in your research. Be sure, of course, to cite the sources of that evidence properly. This section should be well-organized into paragraphs.
11.Your final section will be labeled “Conclusion.” This section should only be a couple of paragraphs, maybe even just one. In conclusion, you will 1. Pull your argument together — making clear to the reader that you have just made a coherent argument based on the evidence you have presented, pointing again to your thesis, and 2. Add a few thoughts based on the question, “So what?” In other words, what might be the importance or implications of your findings? What difference do they make?

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