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What criteria subjects

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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Read: Gray & Grove: Chapters 15 – 16, 20
Read: Qualitative Sampling Methods
External Url – Attached
Read: Sampling in Quantitative Research
External Url – Attached
Read: Sampling in Quantitative Research: Non Experimental Quantitative Studies – Attached
Watch: Types of Data – Nominal, Ordinal, Interval/Ratio
Page – Attached as a note
Watch: Quantitative Sampling
Page – Attached as a note
Watch: Types of Sampling Methods (4.1) – Attached as a note
Attached all privious papers including PICO
I believe my project is QUALITATIVE, my references are inside literature review attached. Pls feel free to select other sources withing 5 years.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop your understanding of how the process portion of a
research proposal is constructed. In this assignment you will focus on the following elements:
study setting, sampling, and data collection. For the study setting, a description of where the
study will take place. This description will need to be very specific. The sampling and data
collection sections should be congruent with the research design that was chosen and explained
in the research design section.
1. This paper includes
a. Study setting
b. Sampling processes and procedures
c. Data collection
2. Write a 3 – 5-page paper, excluding the title and reference pages,
3. Current APA format.
4. Include a minimum of 2 – 3 scholarly references (excluding the textbook and Bible).
Study Setting
Describe where the study will take place, i. e., institution, geographical location, population, etc.
For example, if your study setting is a unit in the hospital, you would briefly describe the
institution, patient population, acuity level, and so on. Avoid use of proper names when
discussing setting or specific information that would allow identification of the identity of
Sample and Sampling Procedure
Describe what kind of sample will be obtained with the sampling procedure. How will you
obtain subjects including how you plan to access subjects, the projected number of participants
needed for the study and the sample type (convenience, cluster probability etc.). Do you need a
power analysis? Inclusion/exclusion criteria must be addressed as well. What criteria subjects
must meet to be included in the study. For example, should the participants be nurses with 2
years or less experience between the ages of 22 – 30, or those patients who have had coronary
bypass surgery in the ICU? The exclusion criteria would be nurses who did not fit those
parameters or patients in the ICU who did not have coronary bypass surgery. You determine the
inclusion/exclusion criteria for your study based on the research question and design.
For a qualitative study, describe how you will recruit participants. For example, will you use
snowball technique, or focus groups?
Data Collection
The data you propose to collect is the information you need to answer your research question or
to test/support your research hypothesis. Provide a description of the type of measurement data
you will be using. The variables in the study need to be measured. The type of measure is determined in part by the
type of study (qualitative vs quantitative) How you will measure your variables? Are you
proposing to study depression in children? There are a few scales or measures of depression such
as the Beck Depression Inventory. This is a quantitative measure. If you use a scale or
questionnaire include a copy in the appendix if possible. Some scales require purchase. You are
not required to purchase a scale. You will need to provide the link for the scale in the paper. You
could also develop your scale. If so, this would need to be included in the appendix.
However, for most research proposals for this class, measures that is already developed and
testes is usually best. The last issue related to measurement is reliability and validity. Are these
addressed with the scale you are using?
You would not have a questionnaire or scale in a qualitative study. But you must describe how
you will be collecting data. Will this be done in focus groups, one to one interviews or
observation. This will need to be explicit. You will not identify variables in a qualitative study.
How will you collect the data? Discuss methods and your procedures for collecting data. For
example, if you plan to send out a mailed questionnaire, will you include a self-addressed
stamped envelope? How much time will you allow subjects to respond? If you are using patients
what is the procedure for collecting data from them? This is especially true if you are using
biological measures such as blood pressure, weights, lab information (blood sugar, A1C,) etc.
Research Proposal: Data Collection Methodology Grading Rubric
Research Proposal
35 to >31.0 pts
The setting is well described. The sampling plan is detailed and specific. It includes all the following elements: 1. Access to the participants 2. Recruitment of participants. 3. Projected sample size and how is that determined. 4. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are clear
35 to >31.0 pts
Level of measurement is provided. Measurement of all variables is discussed in depth including instruments. Reliability and validity information is present.
Data Collection
25 to >22.0 pts
The collection of data is well outlined and includes: 1. Time frames 2. Privacy concerns 3. Process of obtaining data
10 to >9.0 pts
All sources (information and graphics) are scholarly, current, and appropriate for the topic.
Professional Writing Factors (APA, Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Structure)
45 to >40.0 pts
There are minimal or no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Sources are documented in current APA format. A minimum of 3 scholarly references is included. The paper is 3-5 pages long.

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