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Western Religion Final Paper Assignment Overview: For this assignment, you will

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Religion and Theology | 0 comments


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Western Religion Final Paper
Assignment Overview: For this assignment, you will select a religious tradition outside of your own to research and write about in a final paper due at the end of the class. Hopefully something you have heard or read as part of the course so far has piqued your interest. Once you select your topic, I highly recommend conducting first-hand research as well as using traditional scholarly sources. For example, you might attend a service in the faith tradition you selected [i.e. Shabbat service at a synagogue] and write about the impact that service had on you, especially the commonalities and differences with the religious tradition in which you have been raised and the reason for those similarities and differences. However, be sure not to write a purely a subjective paper. I would expect to see some use of the library and internet as a buttress for any position you wish to advance or conclusion you wish to draw.
Format/Length Requirements
· The paper should be in APA format
· The paper should at least 6 pages (not including the title and resources page.
· The paper should include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources (i.e. library journals, books, or credible websites – not Wikipedia)
*You may team up and write this paper as a pair, but with all of the above doubled (12 pages and 6 sources).
Suggested Template
1) Overview of the faith tradition. How did they get here and what is at least one challenge they face today? (i.e. attracting young people or maintaining their identity with the challenges of modernity) – 1-2 pages
2) How the issue fits into a larger context with some reference to relevant literature/studies – 2 pages
3) How is this religious tradition addressing the issue creatively and how else it might be addressed (or is being applied) here. – 2-3 pages
4) What conclusions can you draw for the future of this tradition as they go forward (either a particular community or the religion in a broader sense) -1-2 pages.

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