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Watch the video The Milgram Experim

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Watch the video

The Milgram Experiment Re-visited (2007)
This video is a replication of a study on obedience that was first done by Stanley Milgram 45 years ago. One type of obedience, which has interesting psychological implications, is that obedience, which puts subordinates in a situation where they are asked to take actions that they would not do on their own.
This experimental situation involves an experimenter who asks a subject to electroshock another person. Under what conditions will the subject be obedient and under what conditions will he/she be disobedient? If the subject follows the command of the experimenter to hurt another, he is considered to have obeyed or been obedient. If he fails to carry out the command of the experimenter, he is disobedient. In Milgram’s original study, he found that 2/3’s of the subjects were obedient. This replication looks at whether Milgram’s original findings are true today.
Learning objectives:
Describe the sample and how the study was done (the procedure). Who is the actual subject in the study?
2. What are some of the stress/anxiety behaviors exhibited by the “teachers” during the experiment?
3. What were the results for the male “teachers”?
4. What results did they find for the female “teachers”? Why does the researcher believe women are more likely to follow orders?
For both men and women:
5. Why do so many of the subjects continue shocking the “learners” even after the “learners” say stop?
6. What characteristics are displayed by those “teachers” who stopped giving the “learners” shocks and refused to go on in the study?

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