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Watch the Documentary “The Vote Part 2”

by | Jun 23, 2021 | History | 0 comments


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Watch the Documentary “The Vote Part 2”
write a short response (1-2 pages total), to complete the discussion response assignment.
Discuss how historians developed this documentary, using oral interviews and oral history (talking to historians and scholars who focus on this period).
How are these interviews able to illuminate the history of the suffrage movement?
Also, how do these scholars and historians discuss the intersection of race and gender, in this movement? Think about how history gets constructed by those researching it, particularly.
In your concluding thoughts, discuss how the story of women’s rights is also connected to other areas and issues in American history (particularly race/ethnicity, the political process, and what it takes to create political change); why might we need to think about how certain issues overlap and are connected to historical change, in terms of complexity?

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