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Visit the Weather Forecasting web site

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Visit the Weather Forecasting web site Explore the various pages included in this interactive page. Answer the following questions using the site as a guide.
Meteorology Section:
Define the following types of forecasting methods: Persistence Method, Trends Method, and describe when the use of each method would be the most appropriate.
Describe a minimum of three factors that would impact temperature conditions.
Reading Maps:
Open the “Current Weather Map” on the Temperature Contours Page. Discuss where you think any fronts appear on the Current Weather Map displayed. Take a screenshot and post it under your response.
Read the upper air weather symbol section carefully.
Click any location in the Continental U.S. on this map:
Write several sentences that describe the weather conditions in your location by observing the data listed.
Note: The symbols data in the interactive start here: Interpreting Upper Level Observation Symbols
Additional information can be found at: Weather Symbol Full Chart and Weather Prediction Center
c. Draw and paste the symbol that represents your description into your post.

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