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Using your knowledge of literature review writing learned in class, you will beg

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Communications and Media | 0 comments


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Using your knowledge of literature review writing learned in class, you will begin your final project by explaining why your topic represents an important area of study or is important to the understanding of the communication discipline, citing at least one academic source to support your claim. Then, you will summarize, compare, and contrast the major/most interesting findings/criticisms of your topic found in least TWO ACADEMIC SOURCES. You must use the literature review formatting template found under the “Writing Tools” tab for this assignment. One of your sources MUST be a primary research study. You may cite information from the App in this assignment, but it will NOT count as one of the two academic sources necessary to complete this assignment.
***Papers which are turned in without the proper number/type of sources, in-text citations, a reference page, and/or without a primary research study cited within the paper may start with a 70%! You are expected to draw from your research report sources. You should not use ANY of the content from your research report. Re-using the research report will count as self-plagiarism because that is not a part of the abbreviated literature review. Additionally, APA does not count title pages and references pages toward the overall page count. 2-3 pages means the body of the paper.
Just a reminder that title pages and references page are not included in page count, so 3 pages including those means that you will only have 50% of the assignment completed and will not be able to obtain a grade any higher than the percentage that you have competed. I’ve attached my research report. Please use the sources cited on here to write this Abbreviated Literature Review.

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