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Using the file that is provided please answer the three questions. Under this wi

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Using the file that is provided please answer the three questions. Under this will be how to format the paper and the under the format will be what you need to answer in the paper.
For the Primary Document Analysis (PDA) papers this semester, you will select a single document or specified group of documents from the documents provided within each Unit’s PDA Assignment page. After reading your selected document please submit a written essay that:
1. Addresses the stated writing prompt(s) associated with the specific PDA assignment and selected documents.
2. Exceeds the stated MINIMUM length requirement for the associated writing prompt(s).
The Writing Assignments for this course should be written and submitted with the following formatting rules:
1. The essays should be Double-Spaced and written in Times New Roman font with a point size of 12.
2. The top, bottom, left, and right margins should all be the standard 1″ in size.
3. The single-spaced header on the first page should include your Name and Document # from which your analysis is drawn. There is no need for a header on any subsequent page. There is also no need for a Title. Please be aware that if you should decide to include in your submission a Title that this will not be counted towards your minimum length requirement.
4. You will be penalized for any submission that does not meet the stated minimum length requirement.
5. Because of the short length of these assignments, please avoid directly quoting the document unless it is absolutely essential to your argument. Instead, briefly paraphrase the passage(s) and focus instead upon providing your analysis and supporting your argumentation.
6. There is no need to provide a citation for the single document you are analyzing. However, if you have used outside sources beyond the document provided, please include citations using the MLA Format. This will include in-text citations and a Works Cited Page. The Works Cited Page should be on a separate page at the conclusion of your essay and will not count towards the minimum length requirement.
This will be what you will be answering in the paper
Answer the following three (3) questions in an essay a MINIMUM length of Two (2) FULL Pages.
1. What does this document reveal about the nature of American politics in the Gilded Age? Please be specific.
2. What major aspects of Mr. Plunkitt’s approach to politics do you approve of and/or disapprove of? Why? Please be specific.
3. Are there parallels with this primary document from the early 1900s and the nature of politics and role of politicians in modern society today? In what specific ways?
Please remember to use specific evidence from these documents to support your arguments.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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