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Using research on a company (business, not political group or other non-business

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Management | 0 comments


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Using research on a company (business, not political group or other non-business entity) of your choice, produce an eight page research paper discussing how this company either effectively or ineffectively uses a management technique covered in this class. You get to choose which theory/technique to use. Many students choose theories such as expectancy theory, equity theory, or goal setting, but you are free to choose any technique discussed in the text. This paper IS NOT about the company you choose, rather it is about how the company you choose uses (effectively or ineffectively) the management techniques covered in this class. This assignment is designed to teach you how to deal with ambiguous tasks (vague or obscure) as you will not doubt encounter once you become a manager yourself (if you are not one already). For this reason a detailed checklist or grading rubric will not be provided, as you will not be given such detailed instruction when you are employed as a manager. What you need to do is convince the professor that you have thorough researched your chosen theory/technique (substantiated with references in the paper), understand the theory/technique, and can apply the theory/technique to your chosen organization and deliver recommendations for improvement based on your newfound understanding of said theory. The points below give more detail about this assignment. There should be eight pages of text. The actual paper will be longer once a cover page and references are added. Pictures or any tables/charts are fine but they will not count towards the page count.
Limit the description of the company to ½ page.
Include at least three scholarly references (peer reviewed) (i.e. references from or some other scholarly database).
Clearly identify the management techniques you will address in the paper (i.e. McClelland’s theory of needs) and explicitly state how the company you chose either uses this concept effectively or ineffectively.
If pointing out how a company uses a concept ineffectively, offer recommendations on how they can change their practices to be more effective.
APA format should be used.
Use 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, and one inch margins.

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