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Use this assignment to submit your work for the Ch. 5 & 6 “Written Assignment” –

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Use this assignment to submit your work for the Ch. 5 & 6 “Written Assignment” – WHO ARE YOU? A copy of the assignment is located in the Module and/or “Assignments” Folder in Course Files.)
You had 3 options to chose from – (1) a Sociological Autobiographical Essay (including list of at least 10 things about who you are); (2) a Sociological Auto-Photographical Project w/ write-up; and (3) an Identity Collage w/ write-up.
With an optional extra credit activity where you could have someone who knows you very well complete their own assessment of Who You Are (to them) using one of the activities above. This gives you the chance to compare the two – how they see you and how you see you. Detailed instructions on this are on Page 2 + 3 of the Word doc posted. Detailed Instructions for each activity are included in the Assignment document
To complete this Written Assignment please go to the following website and read the article by Stephanie Medley-Rath titled: Monuments, Symbols, Words, and Meaning (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Answer the following “Dig Deeper” Questions located at the bottom of the article using the info from the article – and submit your answers using the text entry box feature OR upload a Word doc file. Dig Deeper Questions:
Analyze another popular symbol in the United States using Blumer’s three premises of symbolic interaction. Describe how the meaning that is attached to that symbol is made (i.e. socially constructed).
The author proposed four potential headlines to describe the Charlottesville events. Explain the meaning of each headline.
Consider other sociological perspectives? How might a conflict perspective be useful in understanding the Charlottesville events?
Consider other symbols, such as the US flag. What is the objective description of the US flag? What are the subjective meanings of the US flag (describe at least two)?

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