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Up to this point in the course, you have been looking at each dimension of diver

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Up to this point in the course, you have been looking at each dimension of diversity on its own. However, these dimensions do not exist in isolation. Rather, they sit alongside and on top of one another, intersecting and shaping a person’s unique identity and contributing to their experience of oppression.
Imagine a painting and the multiple colors that, with each brushstroke, layer on top of one another to create the artwork. Perhaps these colors blend to form new tones or textures that stand out from the rest. In much the same way, various layers of identity combine to create the complex environment in which you and your clients live and interact. Consider the historical intersection between class, race, and sex: Women and people of color have long been denied the means to obtain assets and grow wealth.
As a social worker, you must examine carefully these intersections so you can respond accordingly. For this Assignment, you apply your skills to a case where multiple aspects of identity are impacting experience.
To Prepare
Review the What Is Intersectionality? video in the Learning Resources. Reflect on intersectionality and what it might look like for clients you meet in practice.
Access the Social Work Case Studies media in the Learning Resources and explore Crystal’s case.
By Day 7
Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you address the following:
Identify the dimensions of identity present in the case.
Explain how these dimensions overlap and intersect to compound experiences of oppression.
Explain how you would approach the case as a social worker. How would you intervene or empower the client?
Would you explore social class as a contributor to the client’s experience—why or why not? Does class matter?
Use the Learning Resources to support your case analysis. Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list.
Chapter 8: Barriers to Effective Multicultural Clinical Practice
Note: Review the section on Class-Bound Values (pp. 226–232)
-Navigate to Crystal

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