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Tunisia and egypt experienced full-scale revolutions, civil war erupted in libya and syria, major uprisings occurred in bahrain and yemen, and significant protest movements emerged in algeria, iraq, jordan, morocco, oman, kuwait, lebanon, saudi arabia, sudan, israel, and palestine.

by | Nov 21, 2022 | History | 0 comments


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In 2010, a wave of revolutions, rebellions, and protests began spreading across the Arab world. Tunisia and Egypt experienced full-scale revolutions, civil war erupted in Libya and Syria, major uprisings occurred in Bahrain and Yemen, and significant protest movements emerged in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Israel, and Palestine. Events transpired distinctively from country to country, yet the movements shared some common characteristics. Buoyed by a new generation of impoverished and frustrated, yet energized youth, Arabs revolted against decades of authoritarian rule, corruption, and injustice. Arabs of various political, social, economic, and religious persuasions united to demand open government, legitimate elections, and a more equitable distribution of economic opportunity and wealth. Western media dubbed these events the Arab Spring, while those directly involved in the Arab liberation struggle commonly referred to it as thawra (revolution), intifada (uprising), nada (renaissance), or sahwa (awakening).
This discussion assignment calls for you to situate recent events in the Arab world in their historical context. After reading the material assigned for this week, choose one Middle Eastern or North African country – with a significant Arab population – that has experienced revolution, civil war, uprisings, rebellion, protests, renaissance, or awakening since 2010, and trace the history behind current events in that country to show how the past has shaped the present.
This assignment need be two page with both in paragraph with page and proper citation at the end. Also been asked for minimum of 4 resources.

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