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Transportation and Logistics industry

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Finance | 0 comments


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Good evening/night. I have a paper for finals week due soon and just need assistance explaining the importance of three financial ratios for my imaginary business. The previous papers dealt with different aspects of my fake business, and this one is on the financial aspect and has to have an introduction paragraph to start off. Then, there needs to be three ratios that are explained each with one or two sources in their respective paragraphs. The two ratios I chose were the Current, and Debt to Equity Ratio, and for the third one I leave that up to you. I trust your judgment for the third one and I’m sure it’ll relate. If it helps with anything, I’ll explain what my fake business is. My assigned sector is the Transportation and Logistics industry and my business will be focused on coastal importing and exporting of goods and commodities. I only aim for the company to deal with ground and sea (maritime) transportation, NO air transportation or delivery. Ports are the main places of operations.
I’ll put the screenshots of the instructions just in case. Also if any questions just reach out to me , thank you so much

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