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Total # of references: 25 minimum (~20 primary articles and ~5 reviews); referen

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Total # of references: 25 minimum (~20 primary articles and ~5 reviews); references should be written in APA format. References must be embedded throughout text with full reference list at end of text.
Abstract: 300 words
• ~2 sentences introduction to topic, include rationale and hypothesis
• ~1 sentence overall experimental strategy to test hypothesis
• ~2 sentences results
• ~2 sentences discussion/conclusion
Introduction ~10 pages (double spaced)
• Background on research topic
o E.g. Astrocytes, oxidative stress, glutathione, brain disease where oxidative stress plays a role
• Related studies from the literature that led to your hypothesis
o Be sure to build the case for your study (the rationale that leads to your hypothesis)
• Clearly state your hypothesis
• 1 – 2 sentences that describe your overall experimental strategy for testing your hypothesis
Materials and Methods ~5 pages (double spaced)
• Detailed methodology on experiments/protocols (not in bulletted format)
• Someone should be able to repeat your experiments based on M&M section
Results ~ 5 pages (double spaced)
• Ok to include preliminary or inclusive results
• Write out results clearly in sentence format
• Include figures and legends embedded within results section
Discussion/Conclusion ~10 pages (double spaced)
• Include interpretation of your results
o What do your results mean?
o Do they support your hypothesis or not?
o How were your controls used to interpret your results?
• Are your results consistent with published work in your field?
o Compare/contrast with other papers
o Was anything new added to the field?
• Are your results inconclusive? If so, explain why.
• What were the limitations of the study?
• What are your future directions?
Reference page:
At least 25 references cited in APA format (see above)

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