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To research your issue, you will need to gather three to five relevant sources.

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To research your issue, you will need to gather three to five relevant sources. You may for the paper pose a question regarding your chosen issue and use the sources to help answer that question, or you may take a position on your issue (state an argument) and then use the sources to support your position. The sources should offer different ideas and not simply repeat each other; present a variety of ideas to create a more interesting paper. If you are researching a question, the paper should conclude with an answer. If you are defending an argument, the paper should conclude with some new idea gained through the use of the sources.
In the introduction, explain your issue and state your question/position. In the first body paragraph, summarize the play to the extent that it would be understandable to your reader how your issue is related to the play; the play is your primary source, it is there you found your issue. It might be necessary to provide some historical context for your issue, which could be part of the introduction or perhaps accomplished in a separate paragraph; one of your sources could be used for this purpose.
The organization of your sources can vary. For an argumentative paper, it is usually best to arrange your supporting evidence in order of strongest to weakest. In a paper addressing a question, you might begin with the source that most broadly answers the question, and then use the rest of the sources to focus on specific aspects of the issue. There must be some logical order for the arrangement of the sources. A reader should understand, for example, the connection between source one and source two; the sources should build upon each other’s ideas. This works best when sources are placed in conversation. This can be accomplished by showing how sources support, complement, and even conflict with each other’s ideas.
Criteria for Evaluation Points
Explicitly states an argument/question regarding an issue 20
represented in A Raisin in the Sun.
Briefly summarizes A Raisin in the Sun to demonstrate how the issue 40
is present in the novel, focusing on its main details as related to the issue.
Effectively uses sources to support the argument or answer the question, 120
each source essential to the development of the paper. The essay demonstrates clear organization, fully developed paragraphs, 15
and transitions that contribute to a logical flow of ideas.
Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and MLA citation and format. 5
Total Points 300

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