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To assess these goals students will write a 6-8-page argumentative research essa

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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To assess these goals students will write a 6-8-page argumentative research essay based on a comparative analysis of two or more complementary film and literary texts, including at least one we have studied this semester. Your essay must display an awareness of recent critical commentary on your texts, and must include reference to 6-8 sources, including at least four academic secondary sources retrieved via the Barry University library subscription databases (such as the MLA bibliography, ProQuest, EBSCO Academic Search Premier, etc.). A screenshot of Barry database search results must be included with your essay submission, and your essay must include a research bibliography in addition to the Works Cited list of sources that actually appear in the essay. Your essay should advance an original argument about one of the following topics:
1 Of The Exorcist, Stephen King says that the sounds in the attic represent “the first crack in the Apollonian world” (396). The gothic genre is said to derive from architectural origins. Show how at least two complementary texts focus on the connection between body and building, the body as a built object, or a building as a body.
2 In Chapter 10 of The Monster Show David Skal begins with a broad assertion: “All monsters are expressions or symbols of some kind of birth process” (287), and he focuses on “the unrelenting sense of dread that revolves around the image of a child” (303), concluding that by the 80’s and 90’s “the unborn had merged with the undead” (305). Examine at least two texts which include a birth, a child, children, or in the case of Freaks, the child-like, to develop or refute Skal’s thesis.
3 Stephen King says that “the horror story is in many ways an optimistic, upbeat experience; . . . it is often the tough mind’s way of coping with terrible problems which may not be supernatural at all, but perfectly real” (316). Demonstrate the truth, or otherwise, of King’s assertion by a close analysis of two horror narratives in which the horror is a metaphor for some “real” problem.
4 Special topics: Email a specific proposal to DrP and schedule a meeting to discuss your proposal idea and to get it approved. Your essay must include some application of David Skal’s and/or Stephen King’s work as it appears in The Monster Show and Danse Macabre as well as fulfilling the parameters listed above.
The paper must be presented electronically as a Word document, correctly formatted in MLA style. It should be an email attachment, i.e. not included in the body of the email. All sources should be acknowledged using signal phrase, parenthetical citation, and an MLA format works cited entry. The essay should be free of errors of spelling and grammar, especially errors evident from Word’s spelling and grammar check features. I recommend at least one writing center visit to check your paper before submitting it.

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