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This week’s first assignment is STEP 3 – Literature Review and Critical Appraisa

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Other | 0 comments


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This week’s first assignment is STEP 3 – Literature Review and Critical Appraisal.
The student will complete the following items and submit a Word doc to the assignment link.
Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment.
Literature Review – Provide the key terms used to guide the search for the evidence and provide at least five (5) summaries of research studies to support the evidence.
Critical Appraisal of Literature – Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, what is known from the evidence and any gaps in knowledge from the research evidence.
References – Cite a minimum of five scholarly references in APA 6th ed format.
This is my Pico, this is the topic i used for step 1 and step 2. You have to use the same topic for step 3.
Evidence-base practice requires that nurses make the best use of research to help them in decision-making. In creating your PICO question you have to determine the type of question: background or foreground (LibGuides: Nursing: Asking Your Question (PICO), 2020). Background questions ask for general knowledge about a condition or thing and foreground questions ask for specific knowledge to inform clinical decisions or actions (LibGuides: Nursing: Asking Your Question (PICO), 2020). The PICO is the framework and a structure recommended for clinical questions leading to evidence-based practice (LibGuides: Nursing: Asking Your Question (PICO), 2020).
The PICO is a mnemonic.
P – Patient and problem
I – Intervention or exposure
C – Comparison or control
O – Outcome
T – Time frame
My PICO question is: In African American men how does the medical community decrease the disparity in mortality rate compared to white men with diabetes? P – African American men I – closing gap between disparities C- In comparison of black men to white counterparts O – decreased mortality rate. As a black man with diabetes with an RN degree I have seen and experienced the difference in care between black and white patients with diabetes. The goal is to gain the tools to help decrease disparities and to “just care for people” without preconceived ideas based on ethnicity. This becomes important when increasing cultural competency. In spite of the significant advances in medical diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, evidence shows that racial and ethnic minorities receive lower quality healthcare than whites and this leads to greater morbidity and mortality rates (Egede, 2006). The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports of racial and ethnic differences in health care and because they are associated with worst outcomes, this makes them unacceptable (Egede, 2006).

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