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This research paper is an analysis of an artwork or architectural structure that

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Art | 0 comments


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This research paper is an analysis of an artwork or architectural structure that is an example of either appropriation, transculturation or reuse, and guided by an argument.
Recall from the lecture videos and the assigned academic essay by Ashley and Plesch that these terms refer to different processes. Loosely defined, they are:
1. “Appropriation” is the process of taking a well-known image/artwork holistically and using it in a new way as part of a new form. The original meaning/associations
still exist and are, in fact, lending the new form its meaning. An example of this from our textbook would be Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe screenprints (1967), figure
3.18, or the example of my neighborhood Greek restaurant taking the Roman Doric order for its entryway and sign.
2. “Transculturation” is the process of merging and creating a new form from two distinct cultures/sources. The original meaning of each is lost (and sometimes cannot
even be detected) because the new form becomes an original in itself. Most examples of this can be found in places with a colonial history. An example of this is the
Mexican muralism movement we examined. Pre-colombian cultures painted murals, and Hispanic colonizers adapted this practice to teach Christianity, then muralism
developed into the artistic style of the independent Mexican nation, with an aesthetic that spread around the world.
3. “Reuse” or “Recycling” is the process of transforming cultural artifacts as raw material into new cultural forms. The original artifact is simply used as an existing
material, and it properties are recycled and reused into something that has a new function and form. An example of this from our textbook is El Anatsui’s Sasa (2004),
figure 3.34, or “spolia,” bits of architectural recycling done in the Roman and Medieval periods.
y Evaluations
• Select a work of art, architecture, craft, or pop culture, that is an example of one of these cultural transformational processes: appropriation, transculturation or reuse.
Make sure it is significant enough that it can be researched.
Think critically then come up with an interesting theory about the relationship between your object and the original/source(s) from which it derives. This will be your
thesis (argument).
Your paper’s thesis (argument) should answer at least one of these questions:
– HOW does this object relate to the original/source(s) from which it derives? HOW does this affect its meaning to its audience?
– WHY did the artist/architect/creators of this object take the original/source(s) to create this new form? Did their intention (if there was one) align with the
audience’s reaction/reception?
An image of your object shall be included as a figure at the end of your paper.
This paper is an analysis from your informed point of view. This paper is NOT a report or encyclopedia entry on your topic; you are not talking about it generally. There
should be a clear, specific argument guiding your essay, supported with your observations and research.
• 5-7 pages + bibliography and illustration(s); approximately 2,000 words.

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