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This is what my teacher sent. It does not give me the option to upload a file. I

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This is what my teacher sent. It does not give me the option to upload a file. I will include the questions too. Respond to each of the following five topics. Each response is worth a maximum of 20 points. Partial credit is possible. Please download the test and write each answer directly below the question it is a response to.
Please note: A response must be at least eight sentences long to get the maximum number of points. If it is six sentences long, it can receive fifteen points at the most; if it is four sentences, ten points, and two sentences will receive five points at the most. However, just because a response is eight sentences long does not mean that it will automatically earn the maximum number of points. The content of your response matters, as well. There is no maximum number of sentences allowable.
1. There are two gods of war in the Greek pantheon. Briefly explain what makes them different and why you think it is necessary for there to be two.
2. Although Apollo wears the form of a handsome young man, is a great musician, and is in the medical profession (all of which appeal strongly to young women looking for a mate), in three famous stories about him pursuing young women, he is rejected. (Yes, I know that Apollo has children; however myths in which he is rejected are more famous than ones in which he wins the girl.) In contrast, women and goddesses literally can’t say “no” to Apollo’s father, Zeus. Briefly explain why you think Apollo is so unlucky in love.
3. With which Greek deity that we have studied this session do you identify the most? Explain your response briefly.
4. Define the term Heiros Gamos as it relates to Greek myths. Based on your definition, explain whether or not you think that the marriage between Aphrodite and Hephaestus is an example of Hieros Gamos.
5. Explain the allegory that is present in the myth in which Prometheus steals fire from the Sun to give to men, then explain how it relates to Hephaestus’ role as the god of craftspeople, invention and fire.

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