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This is a research paper of at least 1250 words in which you will discuss and pr

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This is a research paper of at least 1250 words in which you will discuss and present text(s) written by at least one British author after 1750. Your discussion must focus on the text itself with reference to the author’s life (if relevant), the influence of the text or motif that you’re discussing, and the importance of the work to British literature. You must include at least one work of literature and at least three additional sources from the UCC Library databases (you may also include n appropriate website that you clear with Dr. Chewning). If there is a film of the text you can include it in your discussion, but the text itself is your focus, not the film.
Some suggested topics include
Discuss Oscar Wilde’s life as it relates to either De Profundis. Use either of the film biographies of him, Wilde(1997) and The Happy Prince (2018), as well as the Library databases in your research to examine how Wilde’s life influenced his works. The Happy Prince is available on Hulu and Amazon Prime; Wilde is available on Amazon Prime.
Discuss the relationship between Sylvia Plath and her husband Ted Hughes. Use our readings of their poems and your research on the Library databases to examine how their relationship affected their works. Use the poems from Hughes’ Birthday Lettersin the Hughes/Plath PowerPoint (most of the poems are not available online).
Choose a motif or concept in British literature in the nineteenth, twentieth, or twenty-first centuries and choose two or more works that address that concept. Some concepts you might examine include race, sexuality, marriage, technology/industry, the development of science fiction, religion, the British Empire (immigration, nationality, identity). Consider authors not on the syllabus in this topic (as long as they are British and published after 1750).
Discuss a period or movement in British literature since 1750, such as the Victorian period, Modernism, post-Modernism, feminism, or something else (notRomanticism since that was part of paper 2). Choose texts and authors that best define that movement or demonstrate its development, such as Wollstonecraft, Woolf, and Plath who represent feminism or how the work of Oscar Wilde has impacted the study of and genre of queer literature and criticism.
Choose an issue of social justice from British history and describe its development in at least two works over time. For example, you could trace how race is represented in British literature by examining the development from Oroonoko to the poems of Phyllis Wheatley or Elizabeth Barrett Browning to the poems of Derek Walcott or a later British author (like Zadie Smith). Examine how the authors change the focus of the issue or examine it from their own perspectives (ie white authors versus BIPOC authors; people who were born in Britain versus colonial writers).
Course Outcomes Achieved
develop techniques of accurate and appreciative interpretation through the practice of critical thinking and writing
produce a well-defined thesis on a topic pertinent to the course and develop it into an effective and well-organized essay.
conduct effective research on her chosen topic, using both Library and Internet resources.
identify and correct errors in mechanics and develop a clear and readable style.
Comment Your third paper is supposed to be a research paper on one topic. You have biographies of three writers with no citations, not thesis, and no quotations of the authors’ work. This is unacceptable. Click “View Feedback” to see my comments.
English Literature
Professor: Chewning
Date: May 12,2021
In this essay, we are going to discuss the life of Oscar Wilde, who was considered to be an Irish poet and playwright in the 1980s. He became most popular at his time of writing because of his work as a playwright in London. At the present age, he is remembered by his outstanding epigrams and plays which also include the novel. His main language was French and German which he learned to speak at his young age in Dublin where his parents used to stay. The great work was more attached to his schooling at the University of Trinity College in Dublin where he demonstrated himself to be an exceptional classicist, then again at Oxford. His father was also a successful person in the society who was a surgeon while his mother was a literary and a writer hostess, he also had a family where he married Lloyd Constance in the year 1884 – they were later blessed with two sons.
Apart from the writing work he was viewed in society as a symbol for the violent and oppressive treatment of the people who are homosexual in England. He was arrested and a lot was made out of his downfall and life when he left his wife and children for a young man. He didn’t stop but after prison, he left England for France where he lived for over three years, without anything. During this time he didn’t have anything and he was physically broken and without his friends for support emotionally and financially. He was the spokesman of the movement involving homosexuality in England, which advocated art for art’s sake, where the community celebrated him for his great work.
Relationship between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes were all poets who fell in love at first sight at a party in Cambridge, UK, in the year of February 25, 1956. Following their history Sylvia Plath was born in 1932, she was a daughter to a biology teacher from German. Sylvia and her husband first lived in the United States before they moved to England. Sylvia and Ted had two kids during their relationship. Following the letter written by Sylvia about the abuse, she suffered before they separated in 1962. Sylvia was a senior American poet, short story, and novelist from 1932 to 1963. Her work was more and considered to be of confessional poetry and what she was considered to be good at which is her publishing a collection. Some of her collections include Ariel, Colossus, the bell jar, and many more. She had much work which was not even published in most of her collections. Sylvia was born in Boston then studied at Smith College which was located in Cambridge, England. After which she got married to Ted Hughes in 1956, and decided to live in the United States rather than England. She had a lot of depression at her adult age where she was treated multiple times plus therapy but later killed herself in the year 1963.
Her father was called Otto Plath who was born in the year 1885 but died in the year 1940; he was from Grabow, German. Sylvia’s father was a professor of biology and entomologist at the University of Boston. Plath had a brother who was born in the year 1935. The Meeting of Sylvia and Ted came around the interview at BBC which was held by the British Library. Sylvia described their meeting with Ted as:
“I’d read some of Ted’s poems in this magazine and I was very impressed and I wanted to meet him. I went to this little celebration and that’s actually where we met… Then we saw a great deal of each other. Ted came back to Cambridge and suddenly we found ourselves getting married a few months later… We kept
writing poems to each other. Then it just grew out of that, I guess, a feeling that we both were writing so much and having such a fine time doing it, we decided that this should keep on.”
Sylvia saw her husband as the winner in most of the things in life; she describes Ted as the singer who was good in storytelling as well as a great voice which she said was like a thunder of God. They got married at St. George which was in London; the ceremony was also attended by Sylvia’s mother. After the wedding, they spent their honeymoon in Paris. During their marriage in 1957, they moved to the United State. Being a writer she was also a teacher and by the year 1958 it became very difficult for her to do both, hence when they moved to Boston, she took a job as a receptionist at the General Hospital, but she is writing in the evening after work which is given by Robert who was also a poet. The Sylvia family was moving from time to time and they later also moved across Canada and the United State, where they stayed at Yaddo in the year 1959. Some of the work was from the depression and deeply personal and private material from her personal life. In 1959 they moved back to England and lived there for some time. Following year their daughter Frieda was born and thereafter Sylvia published her poem called Colossus. Unfortunately, she lost her second pregnancy in 1961 which she miscarriage thus she did a poet for the event called Parliament Hill Fields. This occurred because her husband beat her two days before the miscarriage which she put in her letter to her therapist. At some points, she became a farmer where she was keeping bees. They didn’t stop moving and in 1961, they moved to rent a house at Chalcot square to Assia Wevill. She tried many times to take her own life just before she died, in 1053. She was found to have overdosed by taking a lot of pills in her own mother’s home. She died in an accident where she drove her car into a river and this was considered that she had killed herself but it might be because of what she was
going through as at that time with the family and abuse from the husband Ted. The depression had worsened as at that time even though she was still working but it became severe. She was considered to be a strong woman because she had worked on her physical appearance and no one could tell what she was going through by looking at her. Other diseases she was struggling with include insomnia, and she used to take drugs every night and by that she lost up to 20 pounds.
Plath did her first poet book when she was eight of age, her first poem topping and appearing in the biggest traveler in Boston. She did learn writing skills at a younger age and by the time she was joining college she had many short stories she had done and published them in raft magazines. Actually she desires much of her life to be writing stories and prose.

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