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This final paper needs to be rougly 4 pages long comparing the structure and usa

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Feminism | 0 comments


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This final paper needs to be rougly 4 pages long comparing the structure and usage of language by women and male politicians. I have included the speeches, please compare the debate between Trump and Hillary (you do not need to quote everything), then Nancy and Mitch McConnel, and Justice Brown and Kavenaugh. Compare the language and structure used between the women and men. I have written the introduction paragraphs with the speech cited at the bottom to help. For the theme of Body as time and space focus on language for women that demonstrates how women explain themselves, their motives, and who gives them credibility in their speech. While men are more action orientated and make promises and comments that are simple and action motivated. Please focus primarily on the mention of community, family, and gaining support for the women speeches, docus on the structure to compare speeches, and the way this leads us to view them. THANK YOU I ALSO INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONS FROM PROFESSORS BELOW!
Instruction by Professors:
Throughout the course we have engaged in a variety of discourses that explore what it means to be a woman/femme and how this has been conditioned by a series of historical events that have solidified the position of women in contemporary society. We have connected a series of events and attitudes in our attempt to understand the role of the Church during the period of primitive accumulation (foundations of capitalism) and its continued influence on social attitudes toward women. For this final project, you will consider the major themes of the course in relation to your topic of choice.
Instructions for the content of the paper:
Step 1: Choose a Learning Outcome to use as your lens in your analysis and research
• The practical applications of said terms in distinct religious, socio-cultural, socio-political and artistic discourse and become familiar with other terms that intersect in these discussions including decolonization, identity consciousness and formation, and embodiment.
Step 2: Consider the Major Themes of the course and choose two to three that coincide with your chosen topic
You will identify the themes you feel are already aligned with your topic of choice. You will use these to make sure you are not going off on unnecessary tangents and conducting your analysis in relation to what you have learned in the course. This will allow you to dig back in your notes for pieces of information that you might otherwise forget to include. Use these two to three themes as the parameters of your discourse.
Themes Chosen:
Women in Politics
Bodies as Times and Space
Step 3: Your Research
You will present your research framed by Step 1 and 2. This is simply two added steps so that instead of writing a traditional research paper, you are engaging with your own lived experiences in the course, while contributing to the discourse on the positioning of women in contemporary society.
Remember that this course analyzes the root and development of the term “witch” as a means of exploring the historical and systemic oppression of women and stigmatization of the feminine. How does your research expand this conversation? Does it provide a case study that highlights one or more of the Major Themes of the course? Are you focused on the performativity of witch or on the socio-political positioning of women? Remember that we have been discussing all this at the intersection of race, gender, oppression, and agency, so consider what are the intersections of your own research.

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