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This assignment begins in Module 2 “Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure and St

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This assignment begins in Module 2 “Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure and Student
Discipline” and will be completed individually. The topic for this assignment is Student
Discipline, which will come from Chapters 7 and 8 of your text (Module 2) and your internship
activity or case study.
The internship activity/case study is to join a school principal as they process a student discipline
incident. Then, please interview the principal about the situation and how it related to school law
(i.e., search and seizure, student discipline). Please elicit the following information:
• the context, the situation, and the challenge(s) to be resolved (as they perceived them)
• options considered prior to making a decision regarding the incident
• the principal’s decision and rationale for the decision
• any follow-up actions needed
• how knowledge of specific school laws played into their decision
Please note strengths and make suggestions for improvement. In addition, consider whether the
discipline was equitable for race and gender.
• • M.A Candidates: Please select (or design) a case study regarding student discipline.
Please analyze the case study using the criteria listed above (the context, situation,
challenge, options, decision and rationale, follow-up actions, how school laws played into
the decision, and was the discipline equitable for race and gender).
After you complete the leadership activity, you will compose an individual paper regarding your
analysis, inclusive of your internship/case study experiences. You will develop a paper
connecting the following items into a cohesive essay: your internship/case study experience,
FPLS Standard 10, your textbook (Chapters 7 and 8), and a minimum of four references,
including at least two peer-reviewed references. Your paper should be six to seven pages double
There is a rubric that will be used to grade this assignment. Please review it prior to writing your
You may want to consider the following, as an outline, before writing your essay: a) Description
and Context: provide a short description of the leadership activity and context in which it was
developed; b) When Developed: Describe the timeframe or specific dates in which the leadership
experience was developed; c) My Role and Leadership Experience Specifications: Describe your
role in the leadership activity, whether an active participant or observer. Then, please provide
detailed information pertaining to the experience including discussion, debates, decisions, and
follow-up actions; d) This leadership experience addressed these Educational Leadership
Standards: List the Standard language verbatim and explain how the standard is connected to the
artifact; e) This leadership experience is supported by research as follows: f) Reflective
Conclusion: Provide a summary reflecting upon your involvement with the experience and how
it related to your learning and understanding of Florida Principal Leadership Standard 10 and
how research supports your findings/understanding; and g) List at least four references and
include a minimum of two peer-reviewed references. The citations must be in APA format.
Module 1 – Freedom of Speech
Module 2 – Fourth Amendment
Module 3 – The Instructional Program
Module 4- Teacher Employment and Dismissal
Module 5 – Education of Students with Disabilities
Module 6 – Gender Discrimination
Module 7 – Employment Discrimination

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