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There are 3 sections to the assignment, total assignment length is 5 pages long.

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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There are 3 sections to the assignment, total assignment length is 5 pages long. Please see below for the documents. You will be provided summaries from the text as well as whatever texts are required. There is reading required, summaries are 5 pages long, so 15 pages total and about 5 more pages of reading in regards to the topics.
The 3 sections are: Unit 10: Social cognitive theory, Unit 11: Motivation Unit 13: Teaching Approachs
Basic Requirements
Length: Each paper should be no more than five (5) pages in length; each section should therefore be about one and a half pages long and not more than two pages.
Format: Double-spaced, 12-point font size (Times New Roman or similar).
Please use section headings to indicate which unit you are writing about (e.g., Unit 1: [description of the topic chosen]).
Citations and References: When citing the authors of theories or studies, do so by name, and indicate the page number [format: (Author’s last name, p. 12) or (Author’s last name, pp. 12-15)]. Providing the page number is particularly important if you use direct quotations from the textbook (but try to avoid this) or refer to something specific in the text (e.g., a table or graph).
A list of references is not required for these papers.
For each section of the paper, which corresponds with a unit in the course (e.g. Unit 1/Chapter 1 of the textbook), you will do the following.
Summary: Identify a theory, research finding, or practice that you wish to reflect on. Briefly summarize that topic in your own words. Avoid direct quotations of the text.
Use at least one original example (i.e., not from the textbook) to clarify technical terms and demonstrate your understanding.
Cite theorists or study authors by name and with a page reference when introducing theoretical terms or research findings.
Reflection: Describe what was interesting to you, and explain why.
Include one or more of the following:
Discuss how something you read was new to you and perhaps surprised you.
Describe and discuss any connections you see between your experiences and what you are learning.
Pose interesting questions you have about what you are learning.
Classroom Implementation: Clearly describe how will you use what you have learned as a teacher in the classroom; the proposal should be realistic and practical.
Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
Identify any strengths and weaknesses you might have in relation to the topic, and discuss how you might address the weaknesses.
Beliefs about Teaching: Describe how your learning has affected your beliefs about teaching and learning (or not).
Some Advice about Writing These Papers
Your first paragraph should take you the longest to write and will probably be the longest one. It should clearly state and explain your choice of theory, research, or practice using specific and concrete language. For complex theories or practices, select just one or two aspects that you will focus on. For example, you might select just one stage of a stage theory. You must demonstrate that you understand the topic in this paragraph through your descriptions and explanations and by including an original example (not an example from the text). If a particular researcher’s ideas are being discussed please cite him or her.
Ensure that every section thereafter makes a clear and explicit link back to the topic you chose; it is not sufficient for your “reflections” to be about the same general area or theme. For example, your classroom implementation must make an explicit attempt to use the theory, research finding, or practice to improve your teaching. Explain why the specific actions you will take make sense with respect to that topic (unless the connection is very obvious).
Try to make your thinking clear by using logical connectives: therefore, however, for instance, in contrast, similarly, also, such as, etc. Avoid using colloquialisms (i.e., everyday speech, especially idioms); use these sparingly, to get the reader’s attention, or not at all.
See attached document for marking ruberic
I need help on more assignments coming up, similar to this, so this can lead to more work in the next we** REVIEW THE MARKING RUBRIC AND THE DIRECTIONS BEFORE BIDDING** Only bid if you can complete the task at a university level and follow the marking rubric.

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