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The paper should be up to seven (7) double-space pages long (Times New Roman 12)

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paper should be up to seven (7) double-space pages long (Times New Roman 12), with a title
page at the front and a bibliography at the back. (The title page and bibliography page are not
included in the seven pages.) Answer the research question convincingly, supporting your views
with assigned readings (including the textbook) and other materials pertinent to the subject.
Try to be analytical, not descriptive. Ask why things happen the way they happen, do not limit
yourself to describing various situations, countries and cases. Do not list bits of information, but
think critically about them and develop an argument that is coherent and based on the
information you amass from various sources.
This paper should be a piece of individual research whose argument is based on concrete
evidence and is relying on the literature published to date, not an opinion piece that makes
statements without backing.
Checklist for research papers:
 Did you include the title page (with title and your name)? Please include your name,
otherwise I won’t be able to know this is your assignment.
 Does your paper have a clear introduction, argument and conclusion?
 Does your introduction state the research question, define the most important concepts
and terms, and briefly mention the stages of the argument (sections of the paper)?
 Did you include both footnotes and endnotes? You should not.
 Does your paper read like an opinion piece? It should not.
 Is your argument backed by research (other authors)? It should.
 Did you incorporate your references into the paper? You should.
 Did you include a bibliography (list of references) at the back?
 Are the references in the bibliography arranged alphabetically by authors’ family

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