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The purpose of this research document is to create a minimum of a 10-page resear

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments


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The purpose of this research document is to create a minimum of a 10-page research proposal on a chosen topic. My research topic will be on how Amazon uses social media marketing and its effects on consumer purchasing behavior. My chosen topic is also stated in the attached source named “research proposal” with 10 peer-reviewed scholarly sources that need to be used in the proposal. I was asked to pick a company to research so keep in mind the focus will be on Amazon.
1-2 additional scholarly peer-reviewed sources are welcome to be added if needed. I have also attached “Research Proposal Cited Sources” which contains the URL’s to the 10 scholarly sources. Please highlight any new added sources so I can track what has been added and review to ensure they meet course standards. In addition, the following sources have been added to assist:
Research Proposal Instructions: Please follow these instructions. This is essential to the structure of the paper and also shows how it will be graded. The outline/structure should be followed. Do not combine sections.
Management-Question Research Structure: A guide to aid in forming the research questions. This is a good tool for brushing up on how a research proposal is structured.
Guidance on Scholarly Sources: GIves in detail on what scholarly sources can be used in the course.
Research Proposal: Previous assignment I did with sources that I picked. Gives a brief annotated bibliography on each of the sources.
Research Paper Cited Sources: Goes with the research proposal, contains the URL links to all the sources on the research proposal.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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