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The presentation should:

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Deliverable 4 – Global Environment Challenges
Create solutions for organizational and leadership challenges in a global environment.
You are the HR Training and Development Manager at Lots of Stuff International, a global company. The company has offices around the globe, which requires employees to work with peers in multiple countries in cross-functional and cross-global teams. The company has recently conducted an employee engagement survey across all areas of the company. The results indicate a lack of engagement and satisfaction of employees who work in these global-cross functional teams. Upon investigation, you discover that employees indicate dissatisfaction with a lack of community and social interaction in their teams. They indicate this may be a function of culture and religious differences, time zone differences, or work ethic differences. This has led employees to be less invested in working together. The CEO, Ms. Amelia Rienhardt, has tasked you with creating a plan to develop community within these teams across the global workforce, with the end goal of enhancing engagement and satisfaction. This plan will be unveiled to all teams in a company-wide presentation.
Create a presentation, including speaker notes, presenting your global employee engagement plan. The presentation should:
Assess factors that may lead to a lack of employee engagement and satisfaction in working in global cross-functional teams.
Address each identified factor from your assessment:

Cultural differences
Religious differences
Time zone differences
Work ethic differences

Recommend a process to develop communication channels in diverse teams.
Provide counsel on dealing with cross-cultural conflict.
Develop a strategy for ongoing cross-cultural team building.
Identify ideas for enhancing social interactions between cross-cultural work teams.
Include a plan for the use of technology for employee engagement and social interaction.
Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the presentation. 

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