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The police department in the City of Warrenton, VA, has engaged a new system cal

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Law | 0 comments


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The police department in the City of
Warrenton, VA, has engaged a new system called Guardian Score. In
essence, Guardian Score is a program designed to rate the service of police
officers. The primary function says police management of Guardian Score
is to measure fairness and communication that officers display toward their
public in routine stops. In sum and substance, an officer gives out his
or her business card and on the back of the card is a QR rating code asking for
Obviously, this could be a very useful
tool for police and police management. Obviously, this tool could be
misused by police management to discipline officers overly or improperly.
The chief of police is a man by the
name, Michael Kochis. His quote that is applicable to this is as follows:
“This program provides a great way for us to thoroughly
measure our officers’ effectiveness and impact on the community.” … the community responses are captured on a dashboard that
every officer, supervisor, and commander can access. During the initial
90-day pilot of the program, the police department recorded mostly positive
responses and positive interactions. In reviewing the body cam footage, while our officers routinely
treat the public with professionalism and compassion, knowing their interaction
would be evaluated has definitely made them focus on explaining the ‘why’ of
the police work, has increased listening and helped them in explaining next
My question
to you is what are your thoughts about this kind of policing? Do you
think that policing should be changed or improved or reduced, depending upon
your perspective, to relational policing as opposed to situational
policing? Do you feel that this is an improvement?
discuss not only the pros and cons from not only the public’s perspective but
the perspective of a police officer in any department. As a footnote,
this program is now being used in parts of Pennsylvania and California is
thinking about adopting it in some of its cities as an experiment to see if it
should be used state-wide.

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