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The methods presented in class and in the textbook are: Qualitative: Focus study

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The methods presented in class and in the textbook are: Qualitative: Focus study, intensive interview, case study, legal research, field study, historical research, biographical research, anthropological research.
Quantitative methods: Survey research, content analysis, longitudinal study, experimental research.
Please note: “Qualitative” and “quantitative” are classifications, not methods. Similarly, “descriptive” and “inferential”, “basic” and “applied” are classifications. The classification should not be mentioned in the summary.
It is advisable to select from the articles I posted or add your own, but there must be 4 different research methods represented.
The format for the assignment is:
Page 1. Cover page (APA)
Page 2. Abstract, example: Four articles were summarized, the research methods (name) were identified and described.
Pages 3, 4, 5, 6: (See attached example)
a)Summary of an article that clearly indicates the method used, including the reference for the article (author’s last name and year of publication).
b)Identify (or name) the research method used. Provide definition in your own words of the research method and reference citation (author’s last name and year of publication).
Note: Four summaries representing four different research methods out of 4 recent, different publications must be used. The definition or descriptions of each method may come from the same source (including the textbook) or from different sources. Please use your own words. Quotations must only be used when absolutely necessary, and then you must use the correct citation per APA. Dictionary and encyclopedia definitions are notallowed. One page per summary including definition of the method is enough. The journals should not be described.
Page 7: Reference page (includes references that the articles came from and references to the method descriptions). If you use only one reference source for the definitions, you will list 5 sources (4 journals and one source for the definitions). If you use 4 different sources to provide definitions of methods you will list 8 sources in the reference page (four journals and 4 sources for the definitions).

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