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The Manhattan Project PAPER PROPOSAL 1. write a short paper proposal about y

by | Jun 22, 2022 | American History | 0 comments


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The Manhattan Project
1. write a short paper proposal about your topic (300- 400-word long)
2. short bibliography (300-400-word long) that discusses relevant secondary sources and how your own research is going to benefit from them. You must use a combination of at least 3 primary and at least 3 secondary sources. Please write a short bibliography of your six sources.
Bibliography Entry: Sample
Emrich, Teri E., et al. “Consumer Perceptions Of The Nutrition Facts Table And
Front-Of-Pack Nutrition Rating Systems.” Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism 39.4 (2014): 417-424. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Apr. 2015.
This article is a study done exhibiting different FOP labels to consumers and finding out if they have a preference for a particular layout or for FOP labeling in general. The results were that 86% of participants believed that there should be a single mandatory FOP label used by every manufacturer. Most participants also chose healthier products when FOP labels were displayed on packaging.
This information is unique because they conductors created a visual representation of a potential FOP label. They designed 4 different labels and participants marked which ones they preferred and found easiest to understand. This will help manufacturers know how to incorporate FOP labels that display nutritional information but don’t decrease consumption.
I will use this in my work by pitching potential ideas to manufacturers about how they can better inform their consumers about the healthiness of their product but also maybe attract new consumers by showing their nutritional information in a pleasant and appealing way. Health-conscious buyers are more likely to gravitate towards a product that they can easily learn about nutritionally.

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