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The International Foundation Be Human helps spread knowledge worldwide, and one

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Other | 0 comments


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The International Foundation Be Human helps spread knowledge worldwide, and one of the critical areas of work is building and supporting schools.
Many successful organizations are entering a new stage of social growth – starting to organize charitable activities. And each has its path for implementation. In particular, in 2020, we established the international philanthropic foundation Be Human, dedicated to increasing knowledge worldwide. It is the knowledge that helps people achieve their goals and realize themselves, and society, due to the availability of expertise, raises the standard of living.
Among the projects that we are developing, the main directions are constructing schools and organizing infrastructure for teaching children and educational programs.
With the support of Be Human, construction began on a school in Cartagena (Colombia). It is a region with one of the lowest education levels in the country. The school, in partnership with the Colombian charity “Hogar Infantil comunario la Candelaria,” will provide free education, teaching materials, uniforms, and lunches for about 130 children from the neediest families in the local community in the upcoming school year.
The Be Human Foundation also plans to work around the globe to help children in different countries. According to a study from UNESCO, more than 387 million children of primary school age (56%) and 230 million teenagers of primary school age (61%) will not reach the minimum level of proficiency in reading and math skills. We strive to make education more accessible for children worldwide, taking into account the differences in the needs of each country. In several countries, a significant number of children do not have the opportunity to attend school. We are confident that a vast level of knowledge worldwide affects the quality of life and affects us economically, environmentally, and could also contribute to lower crime rates, especially in these impoverished countries. To this end, we have been helping to build schools in regions with the lowest education penetration for several years. You can agree or disagree with this position. Still, we are always glad to see support for this project from the IT community, which, like no one else, understands the value of the general level of literacy among specialists.
Although education is available to everyone in the United States and Europe, in the modern world, there are not so few places in the world where children not only have no one to learn from but also nowhere to learn. Lack of schooling and education is common in many African, Asian, and Latin American countries. Be Human is working to help kids get their chance to showcase and hone their intellectual potential and contribute to the development of society.
To achieve these goals of building these specialized schools, it is necessary to attract partners and donors, find regional construction specialists, and enlist the support of the government and the municipality in each country.
The allocation of funding for the construction of each school will be a joint effort of the Be Human charity foundation and its global partners. All grants and proceeds received by Be Human are 100% spent only on the fund’s projects. For example, volunteers from the company go to help with construction only at the expense of Be Human, which also takes on the payment of tickets, all legal and accounting costs. The same applies to the printing of books and the preparation of educational programs – funding for these projects are allocated separately since Be Human finances have a sole targeted purpose.
Our task is not just to build a building but also to create a sustainable project in which regional funds, government, and society are also interested. It continues its development as an independent unit. Therefore, working on each school, we do not just start construction. Volunteers come to personally get acquainted with children’s living conditions and everyday life, see what they lack for effective learning, and formulate further stages of support for each school.

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