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The essay must compare how shakespeare literature of “A midsummer nights dream”

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Shakespeare Literature | 0 comments


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The essay must compare how shakespeare literature of “A midsummer nights dream” has similar or the same elements to classical
mythology. Does it try to teach us any morals? Does it relate specifically to one mythological story or just a section of mythology in
general? Is it formatted the same as the Greek or Roman would format their stories or is it a new way of telling the same things mythology tries to get across in their stories? Does it portray the idea of Gods, Deities or a higher power?
it would be good to compare the movie to a mithological greek or roman story that can show some similar themes or morals/teachings.
Talk about how Order and Rebelion is portrayed against destiney. How characters attempt to forge their own path and how supernatural ffForces interfier with mortals etc…
Your final paper should contain the following elements:
Length: 4-pages double spaced (not including title page!) It can be longer but not shorter than 4 pages!
Presentation: typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, standard margins, title-page
Style: standard English grammar, spelling, and syntax
Organization: information should be structured and presented in a clear and readable manner
Analysis: course concepts have been understood and effectively applied
Your paper must contain references to your source material. It doesn’t matter if you’re paraphrasing or providing a direct quotation,
you must
still indicate where the information came from. This particular assignment should only contain three types of references:
1) references to the textbook can be given in parenthetical form, ex. (Maurizio p. 100)
2) references to specific parts of the chosen film can be indicated by the timecode, ex. (The Hobbit 1:02)
3) references to material from the lectures, ex. (Module 3.2).
NB: No bibliography or “works cited” is required at the end of your paper.

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