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Taz the Summer Devil SELF-PACED MIDTERM EXAM Directions: You can start working o

by | Jun 23, 2021 | English Literature | 0 comments


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Taz the Summer Devil
Directions: You can start working on this whenever you want but be sure to answer each question clearly, carefully and concisely.
Answer all twenty (20) questions for five (5) points apiece for a total possible of 100 points.
This exam covers Book 1 (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) and Book 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
Due in Assignment Drop box and email it to me at on or before Wednesday, JUNE 23, at 11:59 P.M.!
1. How is Book I of Harry Potter an example of a ‘frame story’? (4-6 sentences recommended) [Note: Before answering this question, be sure to have read the Wikipedia article “Frame Story” for Week 2 (under “Modules”) or you can access it at:
2. Compare and contrast attitudes about Harry’s unusual abilities and talents within the muggle world before he first goes to Hogwarts and at Hogwarts. (4-6 sentences recommended)
3. Harry is a misfit in the muggle world of his aunt, uncle and cousin (and their neighbors); but at Hogwarts he is accepted and admired. How does this suggest the importance of tolerance of those who may fit in one place but not another? Can you think of a real life example of someone like Harry who is a misfit in one setting but a good fit in another? (4-6 sentences recommended)
4. Compare and contrast Hagrid’s appearance on Harry’s eleventh birthday and Harry’s strange subsequent journey to Hogwarts (a sort of initiation into a new world or ‘coming of age’ experience) with some similar experience in real life or fiction in which someone symbolically moves from childhood into the beginning of maturity. Examples could be a bar or bas mitzvah; King Arthur’s sword in the stone experience; a Navaho Sunrise Ceremony; a quinceanera celebration; or even something or other from popular fiction (the boy learning and keeping a grisly adult secret in John Grisham’s The Painted House). (6-8 sentences recommended)
5. Give three (3) separate examples of how learning at Hogwarts is similar to any other school. Also briefly (1-2 sentences for each example) explain why:
3. Explain 6. Give three (3) separate examples of how learning at Hogwarts is NOT similar to any other school. Also briefly explain (in 1-2 sentences each) the differences:
3. Explain 7. Compare and contrast teaching styles of two (2) separate Hogwarts professors in either Book 1 or Book 2 (or one from each book). Which teacher is better, and why? Or if both are equally effective or ineffective why is this? (5-7 sentences recommended)
8. In Books 1 and 2 Harry must spend more time in the muggle world (summers) than Ron. Is this an advantage to Harry’s development, a disadvantage, both, or neither? (5-7 sentences recommended)
9. Do you consider it more of an advantage or more of a disadvantage for Harry that his deceased parents James and Lily and the heroic way they died are so well known and remembered at Hogwarts? Explain. (5-7 sentences recommended)
10. In the real world, the ghosts of dead people do not usually interact verbally with individual students or groups of students. Give two (2) examples, one from Book 1; and one from the first half of Book 2, of how this is totally different at Hogwarts.
1. (Example from Book 1)
Explain (2-4 sentences recommended)
2. (Example from Book 2)
Explain (2-4 sentences recommended)
11. In some works of literature a guide (a father or mother figure; teacher; religious figure; or advisor or friend) helps the main character. Orpheus guides Eurydice in the underworld (partly); Aeneas is helped by Jupiter. Dante has Virgil, then Beatrice. Jim guides Huck down the river. Explain how in Book 1, Hagrid and then Albus Dumbeldore are guides for Harry. (5-7 sentences recommended)
12. Briefly (6-8 sentences recommended) compare and contrast Harry, Ron, and Hermione and explain what holds their friendship together through thick and thin.
13. In Books 1 and 2, good food and drink is always served in Hogwarts’ banquet hall; at the Leaky Cauldron and at other places the Hogwarts crowd gathers. But there is also much happening in each of these scenes besides eating. Choose one eating scene from Book 1 or Book 2 and analyze what else is happening and its importance to the story (4-6 sentences recommended).
14. The Harry Potter books are marketed to Young Adult (YA) readers, i.e., older children and younger adolescents. But people of all ages read them. Explain one or more factors that account for Harry Potter’s appeal to all. (4-6 sentences recommended)
15. The Harry Potter books have been alternately described as mysteries; detective stories, horror stories, ‘coming of age’ stories, or combinations of some or all of these. Which of these genre(s) (mystery; detective; horror, or some other(s)) does Harry Potter best fit and why? (4-6 sentences recommended)
16. Author J.K. Rowling has said in various interviews that the Harry Potter books are about death. Choose one scene from either Book 1 or Book 2 and analyze how the theme of death is expressed within this scene. (6-8 sentences recommended)
17. Besides main characters Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who is your favorite character andwho is your least favorite character in Book 1? Why? (4-6 sentences recommended)
18. In the second half of Book 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) what bothers Harry the most in Chapter Eleven about being a parselmouth and why? (3-5 sentences recommended)
19. Ginny Weasley’s singing Valentine’s Day card to Harry in Book 2 mentions all except for (bold, underline, or put an X by the correct answer):
A. Voldemort
B. Harry’s eyes
C. Harry’s glasses
D. Harry’s hair
20. Lucius Malfoy is especially cruel to:
A. The mandrakes
B. Lockhart
C. Dobby
D. Myrtle

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