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Task: Create an FAQ sheet aimed at your target stakeholder(s); include questions

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Technology | 0 comments


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Task: Create an FAQ sheet aimed at your target stakeholder(s); include questions that address concerns potentially raised by the negative stakeholder group selected
Purpose: To anticipate likely questions and to address those questions using language appropriate to that audience’s knowledge level
Criteria for Success: A single document containing 4-5 questions and answers; due Wednesday, June 23.
Frequently Asked Questions, or “FAQs,” are documents that are commonly found in offices, clinics, and websites where people might go for additional information on a topic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for example, provides a substantial FAQ about the COVID-19 virus
(Links to an external site.)
as well as additional FAQs targeted at those with more specific concerns
(Links to an external site.)
(much like y’all have been doing!).
The FAQ is a “public-facing” document that also provides talking points for everyone involved in a project. Keep in mind that that “public” could be internal (admins, supervisors, board members) as well as external (consumers, investors) to your organization.
First consider your target audience of negative stakeholders.
With that audience in mind, produce a FAQ that contains a series of questions and answers pertaining to the recommended solution identified in your group’s technical report. Start with general questions (What is the problem? What is the solution?) and work your way towards more specific concerns (Don’t windmills kill birds?). Define terms or concepts that may be unknown. This should get you to the 4-5 questions you need.
Your answers may be long-form explanations or bullet points. You may also use diagrams.
Suggested Process
Look around at various FAQs online – they’re everywhere. Look up FAQs specific to your group’s topic.
Write down several (4-5) questions that seem especially relevant. It may help to take some time and look up what questions are being asked and how those questions are being answered.
Compose answers that are appropriate to your select audience.
Answers should be written simply, clearly, and concisely.

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